SMPTE 311M 3K93C FUW & PUW Hybrid Cables Breakout to 2 x Fibers + 4 x Signal & Power lines


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Pre-terminated SMPTE Hybrid FUW & PUW breakouts Connectors to provide an all-in-one solution with the separate optical connectors (2 x LC/SC/ST/FC) and electrical connections.  Perfect for use in SMPTE rack panels, splice trays, adapters and wall boxes. This composite cable integrates power line for TV camera, control line, and optical fiber for video and audio transmission. The Armored cable is standardized by SMPTE for HDTV Broadcast camera in the application of studios, patching and light to medium field

Push-pull self-latching system for quick and easy mating.
Compact design with 2 fibres, 2 power contacts and 2 signal contacts.
Very low optical losses (<0.10dB).
Reliable design, sealed to IP68.
Comply with SMPTE 304M and 311M standards
Providing the different length and Fiber Connectors as  customer's request

Standards: SMPTE304, 311M/ARIB/EBU
Optical Cable Component Parameters:
Inserting and Pulling Times: 20000 Times
Material: Shell is Stainless Steel (Armored)
Protection Level: IP67
Salt Spray Performance: 48H
Working Temperature: -40℃~+85℃
Insection Loss: ≦0.75dB
Cable Assembly Retention: 500N

Cable Diameter: 9.2±0.2mm
Fiber Mode: Single Mode
Fiber Connector:  2 x LC (Default), 2 x SC/FC/ST optional
Attenuation(After Cabling): ≤0.4dB/km@1310nm
Bending Radius: 10D (Static); 20D (Dynamic)
Tensile Load: 350N (Long Term); 700N (Short Term)
Crush Resistance: 500N/10cm (Long Term); 1000N/10cm (Short Term)
Breakout Length: 0.3 Meters