Lemo SMPTE 304 3K.93C Remote Power Fiber Camera System with 12G-SDI /Intercom for EFP to 4K & 8K


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BY-EFP-12G823 Live-Link Remote UHD 4K Camera Interface System consists of camera fiber optic adapter (TX) and fiber optic base station (RX) , The customized design for long-distance transmission of EFP live production system

A) Handles pathological pattern; Automatic cable equalization to ensure signal integrity
B) 1 Channel 12G SDI of UHDTV/4K/8K/HDTV/SDTV SDI signal over optic fiber, Supports SMPTE ST-2082, ST-2081, 424M, 344M, 292M, 259M, DVB-ASI
C) 1 Channel Reverse 3G SDI
D) Comprehensive Functions: BB/TC/TALLY/Remote Control/Intercom/Ethernet 
E) V-mount or A-mount battery plate optional
F) Remote Powered by Lemo SMPTE 304/311 3K.93C; Remote camera power supply (14VDC up to 150 Watts), with insertion detection protection

Television studio, mobile studio 
EFP Electronic Field Production, major sporting events and large celebrations broadcast live 
ENG camera (outdoor photo camcorders) upgraded to a EFP camera. 
OB Van

Functions includes: 
1 x 12G-SDI Forward

1 x 3G-SDI Reverse
1 x BB/Time code & Tally (3 Pin XLR )from Base station
1 x Bi-directional Remote Control (for Sony 8 Pin)
1 x Reverse Balanced Audio (IFB)
1 x 10/100 Full Duplex RJ-45 ethernet
1 x 5 Pin XRL intercom


Note:  the listed price is not the real,  we will offer after confirming all functions and details, Almost all are the customized,  Please contact us at transwan@vip.163.com for more information.