Camera Back Fiber Optic Link 12G-SDI with JVC Remote Controller & Datavideo MCU-100 & Intercom in OB van


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BY-EFP-403GN Live-Link Remote UHD 4K Camera Interface System consists of camera fiber optic adapter (TX) and fiber optic base station (RX) , The customized design for long-distance transmission of EFP live production system

Main Functions:

- 12G-SDI (which is compatible with 3G-SDI);
- 2 x RJ45 (JVC IP remote controler and datavideo MCU-100 compatible);
- V-mount;
- 4 XLR F for intercom headset.

Television studio, mobile studio 
EFP Electronic Field Production, major sporting events and large celebrations broadcast live 
ENG camera (outdoor photo camcorders) upgraded to a EFP camera. 
OB Van


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