4 Ch Independent 3G-SDI Over Fiber Extender to 10 Kilometers, 4K SDI to Fiber Converter,4K UHD at 60fps or at 30fps over 1 Fiber


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  • Support for 4 independent 3G/HD/SD-SDI channels, Pass All Pathological Patterns. 
  • Complait with SMPTE Standards: SMPTE ST 425-3, ST 425-5, 259M-2006, 292-2006, 424M-2006, SMPTE 305M-2005, 310M-2004, 344M-2000
  • CWDM optical multiplexing technology, Each SDI signal has its own laser and its beeing convert to the different optical wavelength.
  • Transport 1 Ch 4K@60fps (uncompressed) up to 10 kilometers (6.2 miles) or 2 Kilometers over Multimode Fiber or 2 Ch 4K@30fps.
  • Each Channel supports SMPTE standard of SDTV (143-540Mbps), HDTV (1.485Gbps) and HDTV (3Gbps, 1080p60). Each channel SDI individually re-clocked input and individually re-clocked SDI output
  • Embedded audio / data support for each channel.
  • LED indicators for channel activity and power


BY-SDI-390 is a self contained fiber transmission kit for the transporting 4 discreet SDI signals (or 4K UHD / 12G uncompressed) over one (1) single fiber link. The kit includes the fiber transmitter, fiber receiver and power supplies. This is an ideal solution for the transmission of multiple uncompressed SDI streams, or 4K/UHD up to 10km with zero singla losses. 

Each channel is fully independent. For 4K/UHD application, the signal is splitted over 4 separate 3G SDI links (12G) and supports full 4K/UHD resolution at 60fps. The system is able to combinate SDI signals with a mix of formats and bit-rates if required. Each channel will automatically detect and reclock SDI bit rates of 270Mbit, 1.48Gbit and 2.97Gbit. 


A): 1 Ch 4 x 3G SDI Signal---> 4K/UHD @ 60fps display
B): 1 Ch 2 x 3G SDI (4K/UHD @ 30fps) Signal------>4K/UHD @ 30fps display+
     1 Ch 2 x 3G SDI (4K/UHD @ 30fps) Signal------>4K/UHD @ 30fps display
C): 4 Ch 3G-SDI 1080P Signal------> 4 x 1080P60 displays


 Each Ch SDI input/output:
Signal format:SMPTE 424M, SMPTE 292M, SMPTE 259M 
Each Ch Data rate:270Mbit/s - 1.48Gbit/s - 3Gbit/s 
Cable Equalization Automatic cable EQ (Belden 1694A cable): 
250m @ 270Mbit/s, 140m @ 1.5Gbit/s, 80m @ 3Gbit/s 
SDI interface:BNC 75 Ohm 
Number of receiver output:4 Ch 
Number of tranmitter channel:4 Ch 

Fiber interface:1 x SC, 1 x LC, 1 x ST, 1 x LC
Transmitter wavelength: 4 x CWDM wavelength selected from 1470, 1490, 1510, 1530, 1550, 1570, 1590, 1610nm

Support Fiber Cable Types:   Single-mode & Multimode Optical Fiber

Optical Source:   DFB Laser Module - CWDM
Transmitter output power: -5~0dBm 
Receiver sensitivity:-18dBm dBm 

General index: 

Input power:DC 12V 
Power consumption:8W 
Work Temp:-20°C to 55°C 
Storage Temp:-40°C to 85°C 
humidity:0 ~ 95% (non-condensing) 
Net weight:2.5KG/pair 
Dimensions:168 ×154 × 45 mm
1. 1 x BY-SDI-390 transmitter 2. 1 x BY-SDI-390 receiver 3. 2 pieces power supply adapters with US/EU/UK/AU plug.
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BY-SDI-390 (4 Ch 3G-SDI over 1 fiber)

BY-SDI-390 (4 Ch 3G-SDI over 1 fiber)

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