KVM Over Fiber Optic Extender w/ HDMI & USB (Keyboard & Mouse) and IR Signal, Max 1920 x 1080, HDCP


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  • Support HDMI interface; Support USB (keyboard & mouse) and IR signal
  • Support 1920×1080 @ 60Hz
  • Single (1 core) fiber transmission, pure hardware design, no driver needed, compatible with all operation systems, support plug and play
  • Max extension distance 2 Kilometers (MM fiber) / 20 Kilometers (SM fiber)
  • Application: a). Remote monitoring, traffic management b). Broadcast Studio Camera Feeds c). Long-Haul signal Transport d). TV station/video conference e). Lecture Hall Projector Connectivity f). Medical/Surgical Room Broadcast g). Small corporate campus video links h). Building to Building video conference calling


BY-KVM-313SF includes a transmitter and a receiver, which can extend HDMI and USB(keyboard & mouse), and IR signal to a remote location over 1 fiber cable.
The device supports HDMI / DVI transmission at real-time, max resolution supports can reach 1920*1080 @ 60Hz, 
The distance 2 kilometers over Multi-mode Fiber or 20 Kilometers over Single-mode Fiber

I/O connector: HDMI / DVI
HDMI version: HDMI1.1 1.2 1.3 
HDMI resolution: 1080p/1080i/720p/720i/576p/576i/480p/480i 
Video color format: 24bit/deep color 30bit/deep color 36bit 
Audio format: DTS/HD/Dolby-tureHD/LPCM7.1/DTS/Dolby-AC3/DSD 
TMDS: 0.5-1.5Vp-p(TTL) 
DDC: 5Vp-p(TTL) 
Input cable length: ≤20m AWG26 HDMI 1.3 standard cable 
Output cable length: ≤20m AWG26 HDMI 1.3 standard cable 
Fiber Connector: 1 x SC
Wavelength: 1310nm laser
Size (L× W ×H): 157 x 81 x 29mm 
Case: Aluminum 
Color: Black 
N.W.: 0.75Kg 
Power Voltage: 5~12V DC 
power consumption: 3.5W at Tx side, 3.5W at Rx side 
Working temperature: -20℃-70℃ 
Storage temperature: -40-85℃ 
Humidity: 0-95% (non-condensing) 
IR(Infrared remote control):
Frequency: 38KHz 
Wavelength: 940nm 
Connector at Tx unit: 3.5mm Unbalanced stereo audio block, 2 PIN 
Connector at Rx unit: 3.5mm Unbalanced stereo audio block, 3 PIN 
USB interface:
TX: 1,connect to DVR / PC (personal computer) 
RX: 2, connect to Cable keyboard & mouse 
USB Port Version: 1.1
1. 1 x transmitter with optical module.
2. 1 x receiver with optical module.
3. 2 x Power supply adapters DC 5~12 V with US/EU/UK/AU plug. 
4. 1 x Manual.

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BY-KVM-313 (over 1 Fiber)

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