CCA-5 cable for Sony Remote Control 8-Pin to 8-Pin remote cable


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CCA-5 cable with Male to Male Connector for Sony Remote Control, used for Sony Studio Cameras and Camcorders remote interface, compatible with the camera control unit (REMOTE CONTROL UNIT) RM-B150, RM-B170 or RM-B750, can be supplied with EFP to fiber optic transmission equipment, The general length is 0.5 meters, 3 meters or 10 meters, can also be customized. The Sony CCA5 equivalent EXTENSION cable interfaces BVP and HDC cameras to MSU, RCP and CNU series Sony controllers.

Pin Definations:
1. TX (secret)
2. TX (secret)
3. RX (secret)
4. RX (secret)
5. GND
6. POWER (secret)
7. POWER (secret)
8. NC

Applicable Models:
1) HDCU-1000/1500 CCU
2) CCU-790P/590P CCU
3) RCP-700/701/750/751 Remote Control Panels
4) MSU-900/MSU-950 Master Setup Unit
5) RM-B150, RM-B170 or RM-B750

Packing and length:
1x Sony CCA-5-10 8pin to 8pin remote cable
Color: Black
Length: 0.5 meters / 3 meters / 10 meters / other length are Optional

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