4 Ch Line-Level XLR Balanced Audio to Fiber Converter Over 20 Km SMF, With 4 x Switchable 48V Phantom Power Supplies, Support Condenser Microphones


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  • 4 Channels Line-Level  Balanced Audio fiber optic extender with XLR ports (female to male) 20 Km on SMF or 500 meters on MMF;
  • If the Audio Source is Condenser Microphone which need 48V Phantom Power Supply,  BY-XLR-329 can provide by pushing the switch button to ON position,  so It can directly conect with Condenser Microphone.
  • If the Audio is from other Types Microphone (Not Condenser Microphone), the user need other devices like DJ controller/ Audio MIxer which has Amprifier function to work with our Extender.
  • Supports 16-bit digitally encoded broadcast quality balanced audio;Easy stand-alone or rack-mount installation.
  • Plug and Play design ensures adjustment-free installation and operation, and optical adjustments are never required;
  • LED indicators are provided to instantly monitor the system operating status.


BY-XLR-329 includes optical transmitter and receiver, it enables 4 Channels balanced audio over optical fiber for extreme long distance, it has 4 x Switchable 48V Phantom Power Supplies.
Phantom Power

Work Mode A: Directly Connect with Condenser Microphone by providing 48V Phantom Power when the swither is “ON”
Work Mode B: If Audio Source is not from Condenser Microphone, the Swither much be “OFF”, the Audio MIxer or DJ Controller connected before Audio Source

About Additional 4 x switchable 48V Phantom power supply:

If you would like to connect microphones Like Condenser Microphone that need 48V phantom power supply,You can enable 48V phantom power by pushing the switch button to ON position. 
1.Always ensure the 48V switch is truned off when Phanton Power no needed.

2.Firstly, Plug in phantom microphone's XLR cable then turn the phantom power on
3.Turn off phantom power then unplug the phantom microphone
Note:  If Connecting Devices which don't have phantom power protect, Once turn the phantom power on, it may damage your equipment. So Always ensure the 48V switch is turned off when you disconnect your microphone.

Wavelength: 1310nm
Output Power: -14~ -8dBm
Supported Optic fiber: 50/125u multimode,62.5/125u multimode,9/125u single mode
Rx sensitivity: -30dBm
Optical connector: 1 x ST, 1 x SC, 1 x LC, 1 x FC available
Distance: 0~500 Meters (MMF) / 0~20 Kilometers (SMF)
Balanced Audio:
Number of Channels: 4
Input Connector: XLR(female)
Output Connector: XLR(male)
Input / Output Impedance: 10K Ohm
Input capacitance LINE inputs: 10 pF
Max input/output voltage: +4 dBu (1.228 Volts).  if over the limit,  the audio distortion will appear.
Frequency Response: 20 Hz~24kHz @±3dB
Sample Rates From: 48kHz
SNR:> 80dB
Electrical & Mechanical:
Input Power Requirements: DC 5V@2A
Power Adapter: AC 90V~240V
Power Consumption: < 5W
Stand-Alone Dimensions: 168mm × 154mm × 45mm
Shipping Weight: (include Transmitter & Receiver ) 2.5kg
Operating Temperature: -20°C ~ +75°C
Storage Temperature: -40°C ~ +85°C
Relative Humidity: 0% ~ 95% (non-condensing)
MTBF: >100,000 hours
Rental, Staging, Theater, Stadiums, Theme Parks, Broadcast/Studio, CCTV audio and Professional AV etc

Package contains:
1. 1 x transmitter with optical module.
2. 1 x receiver with optical module.
3. 2 x Power Supply Adapter with US/EU/UK/AU plug..
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